Occupying the ‘no-mans land’ between techno, UK bass music and experimental electronica, Osiris Music UK stalwart and Det Sync resident Killawatt provides a no nonsense and increasingly esoteric attitude towards forward thinking production.

Having been a central pillar of the associates at Osiris Music for some
time, the debut LP from Killawatt is a hypnotic manifestation of his
bass-laden exploratory electronica. Riddled with both sharp and aggressive
samples as well as deeply driving beat patterns, the record flitters
between the abrasive and the accessible while spanning the tropes of
dubstep, techno and other mutations of UK club music. Highlights of the LP
include the muffled breakbeat of Schakk and the swollen dubstep of
Pressgang. For all its nods to club sounds of years gone by, there’s
something decidedly experimental and futuristic about Émigré- an album in
its own lane” ~ Bleep 2015

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Killawatt, techno producer