Pete Callard

Pete Callard is a DJ and producer based on the South Coast of England. A lifelong fan of electronic music in its varying forms, he’s been putting it first for the best part of two decades and shows no sign of letting up, with recent releases and DJ appearances testament to that. Plying his trade since the 90s, Pete’s productions and DJ sets take on an indie dance, techno and electronica flavour with a firm eye on the dance floor.

A regular at the award winning Bestival, Pete has recently cemented his presence on the scene with sets for Bugged Out! Weekender, Soundclash, Mutiny, and Discreet as well as at Melomana’s showcase event off-Sonar in Barcelona. His residency at Det Sync in Portsmouth is always well received and the enthusiasm he exudes via his passion for his craft is unmistakable.

Pete’s tracks have already been making waves, with his dance floor techno monster “BDCD” released on Matt Walsh’s Clouded Vision Recordings being selected as Wunderground’s “Track of the Day”. Add in the highly acidic “Braux Pas EP” (released on Det Sync) and you start to get a picture of where he is coming from as a producer. Further releases for Melomana and Sub:Sonic add colour to his palate as a varied electronic producer.

A musical upbringing with the likes of Pink Floyd, The Doors and Hardfloor on heavy rotation has given Pete a keen ear for music and the more noticeable traits of Erol Alkan, Matthew Dear, and Todd Terje certainly come across in his music. He personally states the hugely influential Justin Robertson as a favourite, with his lauded Essential Mix providing a key lesson in dance music.

Whether making the music or playing the music, Pete Callard just wants you to have a good time. He doesn’t care what you know, who you know, where you’re at or how you got there, he just wants to you forget about all of that for a moment and simply enjoy the music. The party is what matters and as a lifelong aficionado of all manner of electronic music, Pete aims on bringing it to you.

Pete Callard Techno producer