Bandcamp Techno Blog – April

Think of the world of electronic music and the idea of independence is forever at its core, driving sounds forward, establishing new trends, unleashing new artists upon the world at the same time as giving established musicians control over their own output. Going direct to the DJ or indeed end listener is now an approach made all the easier with the emergence of websites such as Bandcamp. Artists or labels can sell or give away their music direct as well as sell physical releases and merchandise. In this first installment in a series of Bandcamp Techno roundups we take a look at a few recent releases worth your time.

Stowaway by Ansome

Starting with one of the big hitters in the form of the consistently excellent Perc Trax label, we have the new album from modular hero Ansome. Frequently charged with squeezing soul out of the machines, Ansome’s album is a riot of gritty industrialism combined with his by now trademark drum grooves. Indeed, they demand a sea of bodies on the dance floor. Stowaway is available in a metal tin edition CD which comes with downloads as well as a straight up digital release and an unfortunately now sold out double white vinyl. You can also buy the tracks separately, but in all honesty this is an album that demands to be enjoyed in its entirety.


Anom Valley EP by Damcase

Another great label currently going direct is Dutch label Mord and this selection is another full album, available digitally and on double vinyl. More brutal sounds but with a classic acidic edge, rolling synths and basslines couple of with bleeps and recognizable drum machines.


003 – The Cast Project

The Cast Project aims to play the game a little differently and are a great example of the versatility of both the platform itself and the freedom of independence. First off, whilst not yet officially released, you can bag an advance copy of the digital album by pre-ordering the vinyl. Secondly, the composition of the EP itself is of note. Four artists are gathered and all contribute a small number of samples to what ends up being the working pack. The pack is sent back out and the same four artists build their contribution. The result is a varied EP of soundscapes, dance floor driven grooves and experimental grit. With tracks from Loyd, Paul Birken, Surachai and FBK this release comes highly recommended. No previews are available direct but you can find a link to Soundcloud on the release page.